US Real Estate Fund

Ruffena Property Partners are proud to be working with WEST 4 Capital Management allowing UK investors a tax efficient opportunity to invest in the booming US property market through their FCA regulated U.S. Income Generating Real Estate Fund.

West 4 Capital invests in Public Non-Listed Real Estate Investment Trusts (PLNR's).

PLNR's have the following characteristics;

  • Diversified income portfolio
  • Distributes at least 90% of it's income to stakeholders
  • A public company with SEC governance and transparency
  • Often lower volatility than public markets
  • Consistent cash flow and potential upside

With West 4 Capital investors also benefit from;

  • Secondary market opportunities at a discount
  • Diversification across sectors and geography
  • Tax advantages for non-US investors
  • UK reporting
  • Liquidity

Fund targets are;

  • Income stream of 5% based on dividend return
  • Capital gains of 3-7% per year from appreciation and sale of assets
  • 2018 full year return net of fees achieved 24.98%