Our Selection Process


Our ethos is based on having a detailed and transparent understanding of our developer partners projects to make sure we are able to represent the details of each case accurately. Our investor group are generally highly experienced and therefore careful about where they fund.

Therefore we present each and every deal to our assessment team who are responsible for determining which projects we feel we could potentially place with our investors, investment partners and syndication network. This team meets fortnightly and help select opportunities, and it would be important for you and your colleagues to meet and present to the team if we have agreed to work together.

These sessions take place at our offices in Stratford Place. Developer partners present an overview on their business and a detailed plan for the project that requires investment allowing for discussion and;

  • A clear and rational plan for successful project delivery
  • A robust feasibility model demonstrating investor returns
  • An experienced and capable team that has the ability to deliver the plan
  • A realistic and deliverable exit strategy