Our Investment Platform

Building upon the success of Ruffena Capital and their bespoke technology we have adapted their existing platform to support the specific requirements of the real estate industry with a clear focus on raising equity and debt for development opportunities.

Our platform therefore performs four functions for us, our clients and our investors:

  1. MANAGEMENT: A transaction management system from initial enquiry through to completion.
  2. ACCESS: Enables our funds and investors to set their preferences, access opportunities and the supporting data room, as well as contact the team from any smart device anywhere in the world, 24x7.
  3. CRM: Enables us to enjoy a private, tailored customer relationship management system to ensure our team always knows who is who and who we should be talking to about what, and when.
  4. MARKETING: Although we do not undertake wide area marketing, elements of the platform do link directly to events we are running, newsletters we produce and mean that elements of our website can be automatically updated with key content.